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Chili Cook-off at Dill's in Royston

If you missed it then you missed out.  The Chili cook-off at Dill’s in Royston this past Friday, 8 March, was the place to be.  With a $250 cash prize for the best chili!  Chili is amazing in that each recipe can contain basically the same ingredients but come out tasting distinctly different.  Most of us when we hear the word “Chili” we think those little packets they sell on the baking aisle.  Let me assure you that this was not the case with the contestants here.
Contestants were able to bring their slow cookers packed with their best recipe and allow judges and shoppers a sample of each.  I admit I took a few samples!  Contestants als ...

The News Today

If you are a follower of current events you are probably spending a lot of time shaking you head wondering what is going on in the world.  Sometimes it feels like the United States is a foreign land as the politics get more and more polarized.  Is there something more going on? Are we all on borrowed time, the world was slated to end last December wasn’t it?
We have almost have 17 trillion dollars in debt and most of this is owned by China.  The government is being sequestered but it appears it is business as usual for Congress.  It just seems all out of control to me.  We supposedly are cutting back on all this domestic spending but we are giving hundreds of ...