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NEGA Difference Maker March 2014

This month's North East Georgia Direct DIFFERENCE MAKER comes from Stephens County. Shepherds Hill Academy has been reshaping the lives of troubled teenagers since August 2001.  Founded by Trace and Beth Embry, SHA has garnered a sterling reputation with numbers that confirm the culmination of their beliefs, the activities they encourage and the standards they uphold are extremely effective in transforming the lives of at risk teens.  "We really felt like God led us here to work with teens." says Beth Embry. "We started with 1 kid." she later explained. Since then they have grown exponentially. With 23 students currently enroll ...

NEGA Difference Maker February 2014

Northeast Georgia Direct Difference Maker February 2014
This Month’s Northeast Georgia Direct Difference Maker comes from Bowman. Nestled in the heart of the Bowman City Square is Coffee Junction. The proprietors of this respectable establishment are Jack and Sara Schatz, and they are this month’s NEGA Direct’s Difference Maker. Jack and Sara have been catalysts for the arts by offering the citizens of Bowman and surrounding areas an opportunity to express themselves through song, spoken word, and picture. They accredit Bruce and Amy Neese for inspiring them with the initial vision for the open mic night.  However, when the Neese’s moved on to other things, it w ...

The News Today

If you are a follower of current events you are probably spending a lot of time shaking you head wondering what is going on in the world.  Sometimes it feels like the United States is a foreign land as the politics get more and more polarized.  Is there something more going on? Are we all on borrowed time, the world was slated to end last December wasn’t it?
We have almost have 17 trillion dollars in debt and most of this is owned by China.  The government is being sequestered but it appears it is business as usual for Congress.  It just seems all out of control to me.  We supposedly are cutting back on all this domestic spending but we are giving hundreds of ...