Happy New Year From NEGA Direct

on 01/02/2013 - 11:18 am

Well, 2012 came and went with barely a whimper.  Seems like everyone was wrapped up in the thought that maybe the Mayan’s were right and the world would just cease to exist.  With all the bad news that came right there at the end it almost seemed possible.  In the end though, time just kept marching on and here we are in 2013! 

I know I, like most of us, have things I want to accomplish this coming year.  2013 is before us with all the opportunities waiting to be discovered.  All we have to do is go and get them!  I love the New Year, that feeling of freshness and the idea that we have a clean plate, the old is gone and the new is here!  It reminds me a lot of church and how once we are saved the new is here and the old is gone.

I hope that this year is a great year for all of you and that you don’t get caught up in the small stuff.  Keep your eyes on the prize and keep pressing on, don’t stop.  Make this year a year to remember!  Don’t let it pass by and leave you with regrets.

Happy New Year everyone!


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