NEGA Difference Maker Jan 2014

on 01/09/2014 - 09:15 am

NEGA Difference MakerThanks for making our community great!

This month's NORTH EAST GEORGIA DIRECT DIFFERENCE MAKER comes from Elbert county. Safe House Ministries does a great deal of good for the city of Elberton and the surrounding counties by sheltering displaced families and providing goods for those in need. Don and Sue Beitzel have work tirelessly year round for over 20 years serving those who have fallen on tough times. However it is not only their resilience that is astounding. I'm most amazed by the sincerity in which they serve with. Safe House truly cares about this community, and have shown they do by their diligent devotion and their constant commitment to serve. For that I believe they are ever so deserving of this mention. Safe House Ministries is a NorthEast Georgia Direct Difference Maker.


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