NEGA Difference Maker March 2014

on 03/03/2014 - 09:40 am

Photo provided by: Shepherds Hill AcademyCliff's Hill at Shepherd's Hill Academy



This month's North East Georgia Direct DIFFERENCE MAKER comes from Stephens County. Shepherds Hill Academy has been reshaping the lives of troubled teenagers since August 2001.  Founded by Trace and Beth Embry, SHA has garnered a sterling reputation with numbers that confirm the culmination of their beliefs, the activities they encourage and the standards they uphold are extremely effective in transforming the lives of at risk teens.  "We really felt like God led us here to work with teens." says Beth Embry. "We started with 1 kid." she later explained. Since then they have grown exponentially. With 23 students currently enrolled, they have cared for kids from all over America. SHA’s reputation has also amassed overseas with kids coming from as far as Nicaragua and Russia.  Some of the teenagers come with behavioral problems others come with drug addictions, but regardless of where they come from or how they come they are all welcomed with open arms. Josh and Allison Wallace head the operations there at SHA and it's inspiring to see how dedicated they are to seeing not only the success of the resident students but the overall success of the SHA staff and the academy itself. There is so much that can be said about the good things happening at SHA from the Purity Conference coming up, to the increase of scholarships being offered to the students attending the school there. I have seen firsthand lives being changed at Shepherds Hill in all honestly my life was changed since I worked there. It’s my privilege to award Shepherds Hill Academy with this month’s Northeast Georgia Direct Difference Maker award. I encourage you to see for yourself the good going on there by visiting their site I promise you won’t regret it.


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