on 01/07/2014 - 08:42 am

There has been a lot of talk especially within the last decade of America losing its way. Venturing far from the values and principles our country was founded on with ever changing perception of what we view right balanced and fair. People speak of times when things were good, as if it were because of successful legislation and tax relief. I think times were good because people were good to each other. Our country is strongest when were united about things we care about. Our country was its strongest when people cared about where they lived, and who they elected, and who taught their kids. We can't be scared to help each other. That's how we'll grow, together. I hear the numbers and I see the statistics, but I will always believe in the strength and the resolve of the people in our country. I say all that to say, we owe it to our families and friends, to our children and grandchildren, to support our community. Everybody can play a part in seeing our community thrive. Either by shopping local business or, donating time to a local charity, hope for a brighter tomorrow starts with us. Not in Washington.


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